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How to Have a Sharp Mind Past 50

Are you a Baby Boomer in your mid-fifties, sixties or seventies and find that your brain and body aren’t keeping up with the demands you make of them? For many of you, life has been hard and the years have caught up with you. Too many of you don’t feel or function like you want to at this stage of your life.

Unlike our parent’s generation, accepting the aging process has been harder for us. We are the post-World War II babies who hoped the hands of time could be stopped or at least significantly slowed down. We were born at the dawn of the technological revolution and expected great scientific breakthroughs, as a result. Technology that would have been considered science fiction to our predecessors is commonplace to us. We expected that same technology to provide us with advances in healthcare that would revolutionize our ability to live longer and perform better late in life. That dream is not unfounded. But, time seems to have accelerated at an unprecedented pace with changes unforeseen and unimaginable. Who would have guessed we would carry pocket phones that have a camera, GPS, computer, and with access to millions of applications and billions of people? Who would have guessed that this same phone would allow us, via remote connection, to turn on our coffee pot or reprogram our TV at home?

The problem many Baby Boomers face is life’s fast pace and its accompanying price tag. Years of leading a driven lifestyle have left many of us stressed and burned out. Constantly dealing with insomnia, reduced short-term memory, fear, depression, anxiety, and poor overall brain function seems to be the standard for many of our generation.

Take a moment and tune into your own internal world. How well is your brain functioning? Do you have trouble remembering where you put your car keys? Can you still quickly calculate which brand at the grocery store offers the best price on a product you seek to purchase? How good are your comprehension and retention when you read an article? How well do you recall the name of a new acquaintance?

These are important questions to ask yourself, because they reflect how well or poorly your brain is functioning while carrying out basic activities on a day to day basis. Most people begin to have increasing trouble with these simple tasks as they hit their mid to late forties. For many, this phase of life can bring about a great deal of anxiety, fear, and depression. It becomes a time of reckoning, where we begin to see our own mortality on the horizon.

The question for us Baby Boomers is: What can be done now to repair the damage that has been done over the course of many years? How can a brain that has been abused for years by toxic exposures, excessive stress, too little sleep, medications, and a myriad of detrimental factors be restored to a level of function befitting someone years younger?

The answer is that great strides in technology have opened up a whole new frontier in the field of brain renewal, repair, and advancement. For example, today we have access to an exciting new technology called the Focus Unit. This easy to use handheld device has the ability to help repair and retrain the human brain. What this means is a brain that is over stressed and firing at an excessively high frequency can often be calmed through the use of this novel device. This is done by retraining the brain through a combination of photic and auditory stimulation with specific frequencies. In some cases as little as 20-30, 45-minute sessions carried out over a few months, can calm a brain that has been addled by stress for years. This therapy has also been used successfully with people who are challenged by spectral conditions like ADD, ADHD, and Autism. On the other hand, we can also increase the frequency of firing of neurons in a brain that is under firing. As this is accomplished, we can begin to restore a brain that has become sluggish and ineffective at handling rudimentary tasks, like the ones mentioned earlier in this article. People who are troubled by slow brain function often report that their brain feels like it’s in a dense fog. Their brain speed, processing, and memory are compromised and insufficient to handle life’s daily challenges, as a result, they become subject to fits of anxiety, fear, and depression.

The Focus Unit is equipped with a wide array of protocols suited to uniquely optimize an individual’s brain function. This is done by having a person sit or lie comfortably while looking through LED glasses that flash at the same specific frequencies produced by sounds that are heard through a headset. This combination of sound and light triggers the brain to change how it fires. Research indicates that due to the plasticity of the brain, this novel form of neuro-exercise, can actually retrain your brain in as little as 20-30, 45-minute sessions; however in more severe cases, 60-100 sessions may be required. The result is people report having dramatically improved brain function for the first time in many years. Some say they have more initiative, increased productivity at work, better brain speed, memory, energy, and an overall enhancement of their general mood.

The brain, like your body, must be maintained. If it is not, it will get old in the same way your body does if not kept up properly. If you intend to be both physically and mentally sound as you age, you must be an active participant in your anti-aging process. Training your brain actively and ongoingly with a Focus Unit will help ensure that your brain remains more youthful and capable throughout your life.

See what people are saying about how using a Focus Unit has changed their lives. If your brain is no longer working at a level suited for your needs and lifestyle, email us now at [email protected] or call us at 770-740-8228, and order your Focus Unit today. The time to act is now! Order your unit today and experience what everyone is talking about.