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Is It Possible To Think More Clearly? More Quickly?

Life as I knew it, is gone, never to return as it once was so many years ago. When I was a kid, life was simple. Between school and family activities, I caught frogs down by the lake, played baseball, football, basketball, or tag with my friends. Life was mostly simple and easy. My biggest problem was not finishing my homework on time or failing to do my chores. Today seems like a different world to me, nearly everything is computerized. My kids can do almost anything that can be done with a computer while I’m caught in a pre- technology time warp. Sure, I can do some of the computer basics, like go on Facebook or get emails, but much beyond that and I’m pretty clueless.

I’m in no way suggesting that technology is bad, but there is a price to pay for its ever increasing encroachment into our life and humanity. For example, I use to at least call a person, if not actually go to their location to speak to them. I’d give a good handshake, look the person in the eyes and say, Hello, how are you? How is your family? I came over to talk to you about this… .” Not anymore. Usually these days, I text someone for a response. Life seems so much less personal. We don’t take the time to really relate to each other like we once did. Because of this life often occurs as a series of interactions with little personal connection.

The benefit of these quick response interactions is that life can move at a much greater speed, and as a result, more can get done in the course of a day. The bad thing is that with this type of personal dynamic, we can easily loose begin to lose our humanity. I notice that in more and more of my interactions with others, it becomes what is the bottom line of our communication here today. Once again, this style of interaction can lead to far greater efficiency which translates to more getting done, but at what cost?

I’m afraid the cost of our increased efficiency and productivity may be that we’re losing more and more of our humanity by engaging in fewer and fewer meaningful interactions with others. This combination may push us into living lives that find us ultimately less satisfied with life and far more stressed. Over time, we languish, with too little time for those things that really make us happy, like meaningful relationships and the time to enjoy them.

The good news is that it’s your life and you really can jump off the rat wheel any time you want. And, to help you do so and get control of your life again even faster, we now have the technology to do so in less time. It’s called the Focus Unit by Clearmind. This handheld unit allows you to sit or lie quietly as you watch LED flashing lights while listening to specific sounds that together optimize brain function. This is done by calming brain wave patterns that are firing at a frequency that is excessive for a certain region of the brain while increasing the frequency of brainwave patterns that are too low and render the brain as sluggish.

We live fast paced lives in a very toxic world. This is a bad combination that has resulted in a cultural phenomenon of chronic poor brain function for more and more people from the mid-thirties into the early sixties. A growing number of patients have reported to me as they get older, they have experienced a substantial worsening of brain function over a relatively short period of time. Their brains simply don’t work as well. They speak of overwhelming brain fog, poor short term memory, fuzzy recall of long term memories, slower brain speed, increased depression, anxiety, and general mood and brain function. This is becoming the standard for many 40-60-year-olds, and what’s sad is that so many of them actually believe their issues are simply a result of natural aging.

This simply couldn’t be further from the truth. If you want better brain function, call me, Dr. Nelson Bulmash at Health Matters, and I will set you up for a program to help nourish your body and brain with a good diet and high-quality supplements. This will provide you with the raw materials required by your body to function well and will also protect you from the toxic elements that we are exposed to on a daily basis. In addition, I’ll create a unique Focus Unit Protocol that will retrain your brain to produce healthier, more optimal brain wave patterns. Generally speaking, the better your brain works, the better you feel and function.

Call today and ask for a complimentary Focus Session, so you can get a glimpse of what it feels like to have your brain begin to work better.
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