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Manual chiropractic adjustments are combined to give each person the most thorough adjustment possible. To complement our chiropractic treatment, we also provide neuromuscular therapy, massage therapy, and electric muscle stimulation. All new patients are provided a complete chiropractic examination to assess their need for treatment. You can learn more about these services by selecting the appropriate link.

We also provide computerized Nerve Express Testing. These tests are used to determine both your fitness level and how effectively your sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems interact. Using the results from these tests, we can objectively evaluate your progress in achieving optimal health.

In the area of clinical nutrition, Dr. Bulmash uses a combination of technologies in which he has been trained to assess your need for nutritional therapy. These technologies combine the best of western bio-energetic research and the ancient Oriental and Auyervedic healing arts. To ensure you receive the desired results and the best care possible, we provide a complete line of pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements. Products from Premier Research, ProSol, Vital Nutrients, Energetix, Marco Pharma, and Standard Process are just some of the companies we stock. You can learn more about Nutrition Response Testing by linking to the appropriate section on this website.

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